Roger Scherrer

Audio & Electrical Engineer BSc

I am and have been an audio geek for over 30 years now.

I played keyboards and guitars in bands a long time ago... then I realised being in the spotlight isn't my thing. So I started listening to music and pushed faders to make it sound better.

It has always been my goal to make everything sound better. Be it by building better amps for my hifi system, buying more expensive loudspeakers every now and then or simply trying to improve my mixing skills.

So here I am with a cosy wee room and a few tools trying to help musicians all over the world (as well as feeding my appetite for mixing) to get a great sounding mix without spending too much money.

While attending SAE college in Glasgow, Scotland someone called me 'theRog'. It stuck - hence the naming of this webpage.

Simple as that!

Cheerio, Roger